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Automatic Fire Extinguisher

MicroFire Sticker is an innovative fire extinguisher with sensing and extinguishing units on it.

It has adhered to 20 cm above the area where there is a risk of fire. Activation starts as soon as a flame touches it. The release of free radicals begins to quickly control the inert gases and fire chain reactions that do not harm the environment, health, nature, and equipment. The fire extinguishes quickly, preventing flashing again.

Quickly extinguishes the fire that starts in a small area and prevents its growth, keeping losses to a minimum.


Terms of payment

You can shop with your credit card safely and in installments if you wish. Your shopping with credit card is guaranteed by Sopsy Payment System. Sopsy payment pages have secure SSL certificate. All transactions are performed with the infrastructure approved by BBDK and 3D Secure.

If you do not want to shop by credit card, send your request amount and invoice information by mail, make the total amount to the accounts specified in the proforma invoice to be issued, Transfer / EFT. Extinguishers shall be shipped immediately. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address as an electronic invoice.

Purchasing Conditions

You can purchase MicroFire Sticker one by one, or you can buy it in boxes of 30 with price advantage.

There will be special discount for purchases more than 30 boxes.

Please apply for Provincial and Regional Distributors by e-mail stating your company information, target and province / region request.


Please include your telephone number for product and order inquiries. We will return as soon as possible.

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